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ImageYes well…….I was off to a workshop yesterday when my car broke down. I was really looking forward to it as it was supposed to be a journey of self-discovery with the aid of horses.   In fact I had been banging on about on Facebook as some of you will know.

My journey however came to grinding and noisy halt about 10 miles from my home.   To cut a long story short, I need a new car.  We limped home slowly and painfully but made it in the end.

Nuff said on that subject though.  Let’s talk about Equine Affinity a bit and why I wanted to do this work shop.   I think that this sort of workshop is fascinating for people who are trying to find themselves, build confidence and work out what is important to them.  I wanted to do it because I want to be able to recommend to my clients to go to these workshops.

I am very lucky. I know what I want, where I am going and most of my faults/strengths. I was not always that way. I was SO jealous of those kids who woke at 4 years old and said “I want to be….” and then 20 years later that is what they were doing!

 I always had a “dream” but I was not sure how I was going to make it happen; now I do.  It took me a LONG time to work out the “how” – actually I was 35. If I had had the opportunity to go on some workshops like Equine Affinity earlier in my life, then I think I would have got there faster.    Workshops can be hard work and some people don’t like group dynamics however when there are horses there, the dynamic shifts.  I can say that without having been because I have 3 horses myself and they teach or reteach me something every day.  I can say, hand on heart, that those boys changed my life.      

I am a career coach.  The pragmatic approach is to help people to find a job. Ok, I can do that BUT I want people to see that as part of their lives as a whole.   Where does their job / career fit in with their overall plan?  Do they have a plan? Do they need/want a plan?

I meet a lot of people who have confidence issues or have got “stuck” and are treading water.  I offer advice about how to change that in my “pragmatic” sessions but this not the main focus of those sessions. I do other sessions about career direction and psychometric testing but again while it can be full of self-discovery for the client it has a particular focus on careers.  It is not counselling or life coaching.

This is why Equine Affinity is fantastic.  It offers an insight and another dimension into the client psyche which in turn gives them more tools to work with to get the outcomes in life and their career that they want. 

I wanted to talk about how the workshop affected me but I suppose that will have to wait until I make it to one!   My mother, a psycho-dynamic counsellor, has been on one though and LOVED it. I will be getting her to write something for me about her experiences.  In fact she wrote a testimonial for them and it is below.

‘It  was, without doubt, one of the most enjoyable and informative workshops  which I have attended and I thank you both so much for all the thought  and preparation which paved the way for such a successful day. It went  far too quickly and, for me, felt safe and adventurous all at the same time!’

So watch this space for the next instalment.




About mynchincareersblog

I am a career coach. I am going to use this blog to talk about all aspects of getting a new job or career . I can offer advice to anyone as I take a very common sense approach to CV writing, interviewing, job searching and managing the whole process. I also help those who are in mid career with making decisions about their next step. For more information please visit www.mynchincareerconsulting.co.uk. Other informtion: NLP trained/ psychology grad/ 15 years recruitment & HR exp.

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  1. both plagued by car problems!! we coach, we care, we create… all these C words on a Sunday evening. you were so looking forward to it, not the experience you thought it would be but an experience non the less x

  2. The three Cs 🙂 very good! It was an experience for sure. Dad is coming this week to check out a new car for me.

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